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E.4104 potential equalization bus

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The Potential Equalization Bar E.4104 by PAWBOL is a device used to prevent potential differences and dangerous touch voltages between the protective conductor and metal elements. It serves to prevent voltage surges from affecting the building's electrical installation by connecting all metal elements, electrical systems, and lightning protection systems with this equalization bar.

This bar functions as a safety measure against fire and electric shock by equalizing potential differences and preventing hazardous electric voltages. It facilitates connections between external lightning protection devices and internal building elements. The equalization bar meets safety and quality standards and should be connected to the ground with the shortest possible wire. Typically, it's installed in an easily accessible location on the lowest floor of the building.

Technical specifications:

  • Series and type: Potential Equalization Bar E.4104 PAWBOL
  • Model: With cover
  • Number of all connected round wires: 8
  • Number of rigidly connected wires up to 16 mm²: 7
  • Number of rigidly connected wires up to 95 mm²: 1
  • Number of connected flat wires 30 mm: 1
  • Clamp rail material: Copper
  • Clamp material: Brass
  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Length: 176 mm
  • Width: 52 mm
  • Height: 52 mm

Manufacturer: PAWBOL

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